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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy tested on 265 patients at a Clinic in Marbella, Spain

Pictures of Dr. Goiz and Dr. Hilu at the Clinic in Spain.
On May 2009, Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD, who in 1988 discovered the Biomagnetic Pair, was invited by Dr. Hilu MD and agreed to test his Biomagnetic Pair theory on over 200 patients at the Hilu Institute in Marbella, Spain.
The Clinic's director Dr. Raymond Hilu MD, with Dr. Santiago de la Rosa MD, tried to be as objective as possible and invited patients from various countries: USA, England, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, India and of course Spain.There were also many MD's invited to observed, among others where Dr.Conte MD, and Dr. Limonti MD, from Italy and Dr. Mary Staggs MD from England.

All patients were in pretty serious conditions. Blood tests were taken before and after each treatment and the results were just amazing.

" It's an absolute success- says Dr. Hilu - It's just one of the most efficient therapies that I've encountered in all the years I've practice Medicine. The most surprising is it's simplicity. And a big advantage is that it has no side effects. Although sometimes Dr. Goiz's diagnosis differs from the one the patients has been diagnosed with but it does not worry me because, what is important is that the patient improves with this treatment. "

" In more than 80% of cases I found that the blood tests from patients did show the parasites that Dr. Goiz pointed out using the Biomagnetic Pair."
In any case, besides the healings and improvements from patients, what mostly caught Dr. Hilu's attention was the behaviour in the blood before and after applying the magnets: " Obviouslsy - he said- the mayority of the patients that agreed to be part of this study where very sick. And when we examined their blood before being treated by Dr. Goiz, we could see that it was the blood of someone very sick, with extremely bad circulation, with lots of pathogens, all sort of dirt in the blood and abnormal behaviour of the defenses regarding the inutilized neutrophils.
But, fifteen minutes after being treated with the magnets I would go and take a look at the blood and I found myself staring at a complete different history. It looked like someone else's blood, nothing to do with the patients one. All the blood abnormalies where corrected. In many cases the neutrophils, which were static before, seem very active now. The living microrganisms, had been expelled. They would keep on moving for a few minutes and died afterwards. Besides, when we observed the blood 15 minutes after the treatment, we could see how the cellular oxidacion had increased and the circulation improved, excepted for the platelets. And in the cases of Liver Cirrosis , when we analized the blood under the microscope after placing the magnets on the patients, and this has been a big revelation for me, we observed a lot of a sort of hepathic scars flowing in the blood as an effect from the treatment. I've seen this phenomenon before and that's why I know that they are hepathic excrescences, but I've never seen them so frecuent and with such fast results.

What about the pH, which is the basis of Dr. Goiz's theory?
" In one of the tests I use, we could follow the pH of the blood live. We did not see any case of the blood with a tendency to alkalinity in our patients, which seems to be, with the amount of patients we treated, one more sign that the base of illness is an acidic terrain. We did observed blood samples with a pH tendency to acidity and how after being treated by Dr. Goiz the acidity in those blood samples totally disappeared. With no exceptions. Just with the magnets and in 15 minutes."

Astonishing!!! But not as much as the results.

The presence of microorganisms seems to prove right Dr. Goiz's theories, but what is most important is that the results guarantees the use of the Biomagnetic Pair in a very largue list of pathologies..
The study, which includes a long distance follow up of the patients, it's not concluded yet, but Dr. Hilu has already drawn some very clear conclusions of his own.
For example, in Prostate cancer patients, we observed how after the treatments with the magnets the PSA went down in all cases..
The best results we saw where with patients that came diagnosed with Multiple Esclerosis. And all of them, in front of everybody present, left with a very noticeable improvement. Some even came in with very limited mobility, they could hardly stand up to get on the teatment table, and they left walking...
To me, this has been what most impacted me.

A few days after the treatments, we asked the patients to get some tests done under their respective Doctor's supervision, new reports and send it to us.
And according to the ones we already have received the improvements are obvious...
In some cases, such as cancer,tumors,etc... healing will be progresive.

Dr. Raymond Hilu was elated, overjoyed.

Parts of the original article has been translated from spanish by Helena Guerrero.
It was published on Discovery DeSalud a great magazine from Spain on August 2009
I strongly recomend this magazine as the # 1 in Health issues and new treatments.
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Read article in spanish in DeSalud Magazine. ***Read full article in english

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Also known in Europe and other countries as Medical Biomagnetism is a scientifically sound alternative treatment that may help restore and maintain physical and mental health.

On 1988 Dr. Isaac Goiz, Medical Surgeon, discovered the Biomagnetic Pair through which the vibrational therapy screens the body for all the pathogens that cause a dysfunction on the person and restores health by balancing the acidity and alkaline levels of the body by applying magnets of medium intensity to specific areas that are unbalanced.
Because of this discovery the Oxford International University from England gave Dr. Isaac Goiz the Doctorate of Philosophy in Bio-energetic Medicine in 1999.

Up to present and after 20 years of practicing Medical Biomagnetism, Dr. Goiz has identified more than 350 pairs that cover most of the glandular dysfunctions, diseases, syndromes and illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and HIV as well as emotional pairs.
In general, common diseases are produced by a single Bio-Magnetic Pair (BMP).
Complex diseases are the result of association of two or more BMPs.

Dr. Goiz has very successfully treated more than 250,000 patients with Medical Biomagnetism and has trained more than 5,000 Medical Doctors and other Health Therapists from many different countries.

The admirable simplicity of this system allows working with powerful but inoffensive magnets of different forms from which amazing results are obtained.
Medical Biomagnetism is a new revolutionary, scientific and therapeutic approach to healing that differs from Traditional Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbs and Naturism.
It is also a Therapy free of side effects, perfectly compatible with any other traditional or alternative practice.

Medical Biomagnetism studies, detects, classifies, measures and corrects the fundamental alterations of the pH of living organisms. When the pH is balanced it immediately regulates and corrects the infectious pathologies. This new therapeutic criteria is able to identify the origin of viral and bacterial diseases, as well as glandular dysfunctions caused by pathogenic microorganisms in the organs.

Dr Goiz discovered that viruses and fungus have a symbiotic relationship as well as bacterias do with parasites. Also bacterias and viruses resonate with each other which causes illness, being one of them pathogen and the other non pathogen depending of the specific illness.
Bacterias and parasites live and grow in an alkaline enviroment while viruses and fungus live and grow in an acidic enviroment.
It is possible to recover health through bio-magnetic fields of medium intensity, produced by natural magnets of 1,000 to 50,000 power of attraction (Gauss), applied in pairs in specific parts of the body called Bio-magnetic Pairs BMP.
This neutralizes the pH of the area and pathogens inmediately die since they can not survive in a neutral pH enviroment. Cells become healthy and the body starts healing itself, surprisingly fast.

Medical Biomagnetism consists on applying magnets with well-defined power of medium intensity to balance the pH in certain areas of the body. The therapy is also successfully used to find the origin of a person’s problem, it classifies new pathologies that can be treated, even if those new pathologies have not developed any symptoms yet. Furthermore, the therapy is used to prevent specific chronic, complex, degenerative diseases, syndromes and tumors that affect a person’s health. Current practices of traditional medicine target the symptom or degenerative signs that are caused by a single pathogen and do not target additional pathogens that are also part of an illness process.

The Research has shown that the Bio-Magnetic Pairs may be divided in 4 categories:
1-Regular BMP's identify pathogenic microorganisms whether they are virus, bacteria, fungi or parasites.
2-Special BMP's identify tissue alteration not supported by pathogenic microorganisms.
3-Dysfunctional BMP's are the ones that affect glands and hormonal production.
4-Reservoir BMP's identify organs or tissue which support potentially pathogenic virus and can keep them in reserve for an indefinite time, until some alteration in the body triggers it sending it to its specific location.

The admirable simplicity of this system allows working with powerful but inoffensive magnets of different forms from which amazing results are obtained. The dysfunctions in the organs that support the distortions of the pH are cured by a phenomenon called depolarization. This phenomenon is obtained by applying a magnetic field of the same polarity to each of the biomagnetic poles. This confronts the charges of the BMP and cancels, neutralizes the charges. Finally, the healing process occurs when the pH is balanced and reaches its optimal level that determines the well being of the person, which before the therapy was altered by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms that distorted the levels of acidity and alkalinity (pH) of the organs. This is what sustains the bio-energetic phenomenon.

Is Biomagnetism similar to magnet therapy? No.
Biomagnetism is a comprehensive alternative therapy for diagnosing, healing and preventing disease. It is in no way similar to magnet therapy.
Magnet therapy has been applied with one polar principle just for dysfunction or injuries under two concepts:a) South pole as analgesic, b) North pole as anti-inflammatory. The magnetic fields used for this purpose are of low intensity (between 100 to 500 gauss) and are applied for longer periods of time, hours or days, and in areas that show specific symptoms. The purpose of this explanation is to establish the difference between magnet therapy versus bio-magnetism and bio-energetic pairs.
Bio-magnetism and bio-energetic pairs are a vibrational phenomenon related to medicine and both can be considered as medicinal therapy and medical science. The therapy consists on more than applying magnets with well-defined power of medium intensity,of 1,000 to 50,000 gauss to heal. Time of application varies from 10 -30 minutes depending on the country location in relation to the equator.

Biomagnetism Treatments

To begin the scanning of the patient, the person must lay over a table, non metallic, on his/her back with the feet hanging at the end of the table. Shoes that are well adjusted to the feet like sneakers, tennis shoes, boots are recommended.
No sandals or open shoes.
It's also recommended to wear comfortable clothes, preferably of natural sources, like linen, cotton etc..

The patient should relax and think only about his/her condition.

The diagnose is done through the Kinesiology (muscle-test) tool that in this case may also be known as Bioenergetic diagnose.

Biomagnetism, differs from many other forms of Therapies, in which it goes to the source of the problem, without the need of laboratory testing and similar studies.

The basic mistake of many other Therapies is to rely strictly on symptoms.

Once the tissue has suffered degeneration or destruction, it may not be regenerated with Biomagnetism.

Some conditions improve after only one session, others may take up to 3 sessions or more.

The whole body, all organs, glands, mayor bones and glands area are scanned for unbalances of the pH and magnets of either + or - polarity will be placed in the unbalanced areas in order to regained a balanced / neutral pH.

Fee: $150. A session lasts from 90 to 120 minutes.

There is no side effects or contraindications, it can be combine with any other treatment, alopathic or alternative.
It's a 100% safe Therapy

Please feel free to contact me if interested: 707-642-7700


Helena Guerrero has been Certified to provide BioMagnetism Therapy by the El Centro de Investigacion de Biomagnetismo Medico, Mexico, The University of Chapingo, Mexico and by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran.

She is not a Medical Doctor, she is not making a medical diagnosis or providing medical advice or care.

You should see a Medical Doctor for medical care, and you should view BioMagnetism Therapy care as additional therapy to the medical care provided by a Medical Doctor.

Biomagnetism Therapy is not a substitute for Physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment.

Biomagnetism Therapy consists on applying medium intensity magnets between 1000- 15 000 gauss in certain areas of the body in order to help balance the pH levels, of Alkalinity and Acidity in the body.